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Manufacturing of Plastic Parts

Íkoplast performs not only the fabrication of high standard serial parts, but also offers various engineering services by means of the idea until the completed part. Including the construction of the plastic part, competent consulting service with the selection of material and processing technology as well as coordination of prototype and mold production and final surface treatment (pad printing, coating).

Manufacturing of molded parts

We manufacture


For producing molded parts by weights from 0,5 until 1000 gram, we have installed injection molding machines with clamping forces between 50 and 3500 kN. These machines can also be used for carrying out mold trials.

We achieve the high quality of our products by constant monitoring of the whole production process, starting with the incoming material control, over continuous process data acquisition and control until the final color control of the end product.

Due to the flat hierarchies of our medium-sized company we can respond rapidly and flexibly to customers requests at all times.